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SOMATIC HEALING BREATHWORK: Transformational Guided Meditation Practice

SOMATIC HEALING BREATHWORK: Transformational Guided Meditation Practice

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Somatic Healing Breathwork Meditation is a very full and complete Shamanic Breath and Energy Healing practice that helps you to:

  • Clear and cleanse your energy
  • Root into your body and spirit
  • Connect in with your intuition and your angels
  • Strengthen the power of your intentions
  • Center and calm your mind 
  • Release blocks that hold you back from doing your soul work 

This is a 33-minute transformational guided audio meditation and healing journey in three parts:

- First section is the Pranayama Breathing practice. 

- Second part is the Shamanic Energy Healing, Somatic and Etheric Body Scan, in which we:  

Call in our angels, ancestors and helpers (‘high-self team’), and receive their support for our healing and intentions,
Do a shamanic energy clearing and cord cutting practice - transmuting our energy to the DNA level,
Establish clear boundaries and strengthen our Luminous Energy Field.

- Third part is the integration and soul restoration process.  

This practice is incredibly soothing and rejuvenating to the mind, body and spirit. You are going to receive exactly what you need, and come away feeling really good! 

With the recording at hand, you will be able to do this practice whenever you need a boost to up-level in your life and relationships.

Bonus: Includes a short Introductory audio track in which you will learn how to do the breathing practice, what to expect in the guided meditation, and checking in to set an intention for your practice.  


Music by Moby: “Long Ambients 13” ~

Rain sounds by Alexander: “Rain-noise” ~

Hawk recording by Mike Koenig: “Hawk Screech Valley” ~ 

Note: This is an advanced practice I have developed over many years and thousands of hours personal practice and study with masters around the world. It is designed to work on all aspects and dimensions of your being— especially effective for empaths, healers and highly sensitive people to keep you clear and strong in your own energy. This is the first time it has been made available so accessibly. Please use mindfully and enjoy! Love, Satya

Instructions: You will receive both audio recordings in a Zip file to download immediately after purchase. Once these are unzipped on your computer I recommend you import them to your music library, and then to your smart phone or audio player. The intro audio contains all you need to know to get started right away!    

SOMATIC HEALING BREATHWORK is included along with several other guided meditations in WILD SOUL MEDICINE.

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