Archangel Michael Boundary Spray - 2 OZ

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**New Release: Boundary Spray - May 11th, 2017**

Archangel Michael Auric Shield Spray: For empaths, healers, star kids and other sensitive humans. 

Highest quality essential oils, artesian water and organic vodka, blessed and infused with angelic, healing and crystal energy. Reusable Cobalt Blue glass. Directions: (printed on bottle) Spray 2-3 mists around your head and body and gather your energy. Visualize a flood of pure light from your High Self infusing and surrounding you fully and say a prayer…

:: Thank you Archangel Michael for anchoring and illuminating my energy field so that only the highest vibrations of love and light may enter this space. ::

It's all in your intention and when combined with the Boundary Spray this prayer works like magic! I like to end with "AMEN" (so be it), or you can say "Aho" or "Blessed Be." Use mindfully and enjoy. :)