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Your mission is a tough one.

Life throws you curveballs daily. And staying the course gets harder and harder.

But what if you had access to help making the decisions that are right for you and your path? What if you had access to those that had answers way beyond your points of reference?

What if you had access to your Guides, Guardians, Angels and Ancestors to help you see what you can’t see on your own and to give you the answers you need to the challenges you face every single day?

And what if you didn’t have to rely on a medium for those answers, either??

You can absolutely connect with, what I call, your High-Self Team when you need to. Not just when someone else has time to help you connect.

Then, your path becomes one of flow, not fight. Because you have the guidance, the reassurance, and the good energy you need to keep going. 

Welcome to Breathwork + Healing with Your High-Self Team.

This is a virtual workshop, taught as a live, in-person class, to help you connect with your Guides and Guardians, Angels and Ancestors.

When you attend the class (or watch the recording), you’ll:

  • Connect with at least ONE of your Spirit Guides and receive a message from them
  • Learn how to call in a circle of protection, inner strength and inspiration for every day   
  • Master the art of connecting with Earth for grounding and being held in the arms of divine love
  • Receive a life-changing breathing practice that can set you on the right foot every day for the rest of your life 

This is the class you have been waiting for. Because now? Your path is going to get a whole lot easier. 

The Practice

With many years experience in holding space for transformation in person and online groups, the groups I lead are known to be nourishing, transformative, light-filled and unlike anything you may have experienced. Circling up with shared intentions magnifies the effect as we are Soul Family, and each one of us powerful healers and creators in our own way.

The Breathwork is a simple yet profound pranayama breathing practice done laying down, guided lovingly and set to an inspiring and lush soundtrack. You'll be surprised at how deeply rejuvenating this ancient meditation is, as your entire body is filled with the direct sparkling essence of who you really are. Years of heavy weight and emotional baggage are released and transmuted into pure joy. The energy and personal power you experience is real. And lasting.  

With the assistance of your High-Self Team and the sacred space I hold, you'll receive the guidance, healing, and inspiration you've been waiting for.

Join us for a magical one-of-a-kind journey with your friends and guides, and welcome back your own Heart and Soul Fire. You will come away glowing and strong, and you may have an entirely different outlook on your life ahead!

Where: Online in the comfort of your space (via Zoom) 

When: This workshop took place on Sunday, September 9th — New Moon — and is now available as a recorded video playback, with an audio only version as well. It is encoded so that you will receive the energetic transmission as if you were there live.  

Cost: $33

Register: Above

Register now — the recording WILL be provided if you cannot make it live, and the experience is just as effective due to the space that is held.

Questions: / 323-540-4456


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