Soul Work & Brand Consulting

$ 555.00

For those who have the vision of a higher calling and a better life to co-create with the Universe.

I will show you how to cut through fear and resistance in your life and step forward with strength and clarity. We’ll get right to the heart of the matter and together create a viable pathway forward for you. It’s a merging of creative intelligence with luminous wisdom — yours, mine and the Great Mystery’s. 

What am I here on earth to do?
What's missing from this picture?
How can I make this work better? 
How can I free myself up to have more time and space to pursue my soul's calling?
What is my Spirit calling for NOW? 

What is the best pathway forward to manifest my highest goals?
What's my next step?   

Receive the clarity you need to resolve your biggest questions, step into your highest power, and succeed in doing the work you were put here for. Sessions are 90 minutes via phone or Skype and recorded for replay. All information shared is private and held in the strictest confidence.  

Use dropdown menu for 3-session package option. 

Contact: satya {at}  |  323-540-4456

A portion of all proceeds is donated to a group of not-for-profit organizations working to protect wild animals and their habitats.

**Gift Certificates: To gift a session just add the name and email of the recipient at checkout and I will contact them personally to notify them and arrange for scheduling.**