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Oils Info & Instructions

Hello and thanks so much for your order!

Each of our bottles is hand-blended, poured and blessed with intention before making it’s way to your hands. There is magic inside, and if you are willing to connect with that you might just find it changes your relationship with your self and the world!

From selecting the world’s finest pure therapeutic-grade essential oils, to honoring the spirit of the plants and elementals, receiving their guidance, and preparing each bottle for shipment, there is a sacred process to every step of creation. That respect for Earth and Source essence is fundamental not only to the oils ability to spark healing and transformation but to all our existence, and that’s what makes all the difference.

Here is a video I created that should help!

Intro to Healing With Essential Oils   

Suggested Use

  • If you have purchased a set, I recommend trying one at a time to get acquainted at first and then experiment with using two or more at once.
  • Start by pouring a few drops on your palm. 
  • Using your free hand, make a couple circles with a finger or two. 
  • Smell the blend and check in with yourself—are there any sensations or areas in the body calling for attention?
  • Apply to those areas as you feel moved (refer to the bottle for suggestions and cautions). 
  • Cup your palms and inhale deeply.... How does it feel to you now?
  • Connect with gratitude for Source and Mother Earth essence.
  • Notice if you feel any difference from before applying and after.
  • Carry on with that essence infused in your body, mind and soul.…

Pro tip: Although you may be tempted to rush your oil out the bottle with a quick shake, the few short moments it takes for the first drops to come of their own accord is a great opportunity to take a breath and connect with yourself and the essence. Take all the time you need for you and what really matters — you deserve it! ;)

Feel free to contact me at any time with questions or feedback. I always enjoy hearing stories, reviews and comments about your experience using the blends so please share freely, and tag me @satyacolombo. I wish you all the peace, connection, love, and abundance in the universe. Please use mindfully, and enjoy the Essence!


Satya Colombo