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2019 Sacred Guardian Readings

2019 Sacred Guardian Readings

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They want you to hear them. So deeply.

They want to guide your next steps. They want you to walk without fear or judgment. 

They want to make your path easier.

All you have to do is listen.

These readings are the open channel to your guides and guardians that you seek.

Working with a pantheon of Spirit Animals and Angelic Beings, I call forth two leading members of your team to walk with you in 2019.

Through them, I translate what your Spirit team wants you to know, so that you can wrap yourself in the knowledge that you are never alone. You are deeply connected and in the best hands.

How far will you be able to go on your sacred journey, knowing that you are supported, guided and protected every step of the way?

Order a Sacred Guardian Guidance reading today and get the clarity to take your next steps in grace and confidence.

How this works:

When you choose to open this channel with your Sacred Guardians, I set up a high-vibrational, sacred space and carefully call two members of your team (one from the Animal Kingdom and one from the Archangels, Saints and Ascended Masters).

All that is brought forward is actionable information in support of your highest good.

Readings are recorded live by me and sent via email — no additional scheduling is required after purchase.  

You’ll receive an mp3 of the session (approximately 30 minutes in length), and a photographic image of your two Sacred Guardians you may refer back to throughout the year and beyond.



"Gifting myself with a Sacred Reading from Satya has proven to be one of the wisest, most nurturing and satisfying decisions I’ve made in quite some time. Satya’s skills and gifts are a blessing and the reading proved both wonderful and beyond helpful.

His guidance is clear and his connection extraordinary, and I love all the clear invitations to explore more deeply. It’s like the delicious experience of having a road unfold right in front of you.

Satya is remarkable at both helping expand one’s perspective in overview and also honing in focus in truly practical we’re-here-to-live-our-lives ways. It’s brilliant! I’m deeply grateful and whole-heartedly recommend his work."

—Deborah Weber

"I honestly have never met a stranger who saw me so clearly and easily. Time stopped and flowed simultaneously like it does when your baby is born into the world, or your grandfather dies holding your hand….

Years of therapy and many good talks with good friends could not open my eyes to the simple truths you gently placed on the table like a bowl of sliced mango.

—Heidi Howes


"I was really resisting a reading at first, because I thought, ' Why would I need that? I can just look up spirit animals on the web, or get a book myself.' However, my experience when you pulled each card and intuitively visioned with the animals was profound.

You had great insights into the deeper issues underlying my current situation, and I was impressed — everything you shared was just what I needed to help me face the challenge and overcome the obstacle that was there! It’s been incredibly helpful...the whole process of leaving my land and following my dream with the healing work has been supported by the Blue Heron's energy you connected me with!!

Ever since your reading I've been like, 'Alright what do you want from me God?? I’m we go!' Thank you so much Satya!! You have a real gift of insight."
—Alison Eakin

"Satya’s readings are spot on every time. I can align what he is advising with each event that is going on in my life. And the kicker is that I don’t share this information with him or almost anyone.

The counsel he provides with his readings has helped me step in to a higher version of myself, and it has been truly life-changing. I recommend working with Satya to anybody who needs clarity and supported action steps!

He is the real deal and I trust him implicitly."
—Tania Dakka  


Your Guardians are waiting.

Open to their magic.

Let me connect you.


Order Deadline: Friday February 1st! 


Gifting: To gift a session just add the name and email of the recipient to Notes at checkout and I will send the reading directly to them! NOTE—Because of the depth of these readings and what is provided, you must have their express permission to receive a reading before ordering.  

A portion of all proceeds is donated to a group of not-for-profit organizations working to protect wild animals and their habitats.

Lion Family photo by Federico Veronesi, Masai Mara Preserve, 2009.