Archangel Michael Boundary Spray – 4 OZ NEW!

$ 22.00

**Limited Edition Boundary Spray: Just 33 total available.**

This special new batch is designed to provide extra relief and energetic protection for the times we are in. Each bottle is twice the size as before and even higher quality, in a beautiful 4 OZ Blue cobalt glass bottle. Limited quantity available. 

Using the highest quality 100% pure essential oils and truly natural ingredients, this expertly blended spray is blessed and infused with angelic and crystal energy. All aspects of crafting this sacred Boundary Spray are intentional from start to finish – you will feel it!

Suggested use: Close your eyes, spray 2-3 mists above and around you, and gather your energy. Visualize a flood of pure light from your High Self infusing and surrounding you fully, and say a prayer…

"Thank you Archangel Michael for anchoring and illuminating my energy field so that only the highest true love and light may enter this space!"

It's all in your intention and when combined with Archangel Michael Boundary Spray this prayer works! I like to end with "AMEN" (so be it, "Aho!" or "Blessed Be." May also be used for cleansing, uplifting and energetic shielding of your home and healing rooms. Please use mindfully and enjoy! :)

Caution: Contains potent pure essential oils. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid spraying in face, and keep eyes closed as mist settles. 

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