$ 33.00

This very special online healing group combines breathwork, energy healing and specific advanced practical-magical guidance. Connect from anywhere you are in a safe and sacred space that feels like HOME. 

10-21-18 THEME: Unlock and Unleash Your True Soul Magic



We have been silenced for too long. All that pent up rage and unresolved trauma and +frustration causes so much internal pressure, leading to anxiety and depression and untold other symptoms. 

AND because you've got so much insanely magical, wonderful, powerful work to share with the world. It's time to step it up and put some power into those pedals!!  

As an artist, empath and born healer with a wild soul and overactive mind, I understand the pain of having your soul's desire burn you up from the inside out.

You've gotta set that magic free because that's what YOU ARE HERE FOR. Otherwise it smolders causing so many potential problems in your heart and mind and your emotional health. Not to mention further physical ramifications.

This unexpressed genius — this magic of your soul that's been buried for so long — this is what actually causes the MOST STRESS. (And ask any doctor who knows their stuff, Stress is the true silent killer.) 

If you are an artist. If you are a highly creative and sensitive person at heart. If you are a dreamer who has been playing small and quiet on your true gifts and passions, it's time to unleash your true magic! It's no mistake that you are who you are, and you've experienced everything you have.

Let's make this precious, magical time on Earth worthwhile and spin the heartache into gold!  



The Breathwork is a simple yet profound ancient breathing practice done laying down, guided with love and set to a lush, inspiring soundtrack.

Circling up together magnifies the power of the intentions and the power of the work we do in sacred circle. Years of heavy weight and emotional baggage are released and transmuted into pure joy.

You may be surprised at how deeply rejuvenating this ancient meditation is as your entire body is filled with the true sparkling essence of who you really are. The energy and personal power you experience is real and lasting. 

With years of experience holding space for transformation in person and online groups, the groups I lead are nourishing, transformative, light-filled and unlike anything you may have experience before. 

Join us for a magical one-of-a-kind sacred Journey of the Soul. You will come away glowing, and you may have an entirely different outlook on your life ahead!

Heal your heart,

Unblock your voice, 

Awaken your Soul.

Where: Online in the comfort of your space (via Zoom) 

When: Sunday, October 21st, 2:00-3:45 pm Pacific time  

Cost: $33

Register: Above!

Space is limited — register now if you feel the call. A replay will be provided for playback if you cannot make it live. Download and do the practice any time you wish, it is encoded for your healing and maximum benefit..  

FINAL REGISTRATION DEADLINE: 12 NOON PACIFIC SUNDAY, 10-21-18. I will send you the access info via email before we begin. Those who register after 12pm PDT will receive the recording but not the live access.   


Questions: / 323-540-4456