“Haniel” - Large Rose Quartz Tower

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Haniel is a gorgeous large rose quartz tower. Lovely translucence and some rainbows at the tip which you can see with a light shining through. There are many striations inside that are visible to the eye but if you shine a concentrated light like the flashlight on your phone you may also notice many tiny silvery strands inside and some small rainbows that are a unique quality and speak to her luminescent nature. Rose quartz is a very calming and cooling influence. Traditionally connected with love and romance and the heart, the energy is to me very sweet and soothing to the throat and upper heart chakra areas. 

She stands leaning a touch to one side which gives her character, I have grown quite fond of her and will be sorry to see her go, but she is ready to fly to work in a new home, especially with the healers and those working in groups. Please see video below and note the color is a softer pink than may appear in the image on your screen due to lighting etc.. 6.8 x 2 x 1.8in - 558g. (1.23 lbs) 

“Archangel Haniel resonates with the energy of the Moon, and governs feminine power and the ancient magic of healing. Archangel Haniel connects to us using vivid, recurring visions and/or dreams. Archangel Haniel’s name means ‘glory of God’, ‘grace of God’ or Me, the God", and is the ‘Angel of Intellectual Activity’. Archangel Haniel resonates with energy, passion and vitality, and assists with cleansing and transmuting lower vibrations and energies and offers protection, grace and harmony. Haniel also assists with positive change and new beginnings and encourages poise and balance when experiencing transitions of all kinds.

Archangel Haniel rules peace, grace, beauty, harmony and art, friendship and pleasure, and brings inspiration to our lives. Haniel teaches the lessons of duality, polarity and synchronicity, and oversees astronomy, astrology and spiritual healing, mythology and religions of all kinds. Archangel Haniel helps to uncover (or recover) the lost secrets of natural healing remedies such as crystals, powders and potions.” –Joanne Walmsley, Sacred Scribes