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Healing Breathwork Sessions

Healing Breathwork Sessions

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Healing is no longer just an option, it is the foundation for everything you desire.

When you are empowered, embodied, and tapped in to the magic of your essence, the every day challenges you face as a human become a breeze.

You are anchored so deeply into your center, that even if you get thrown off course temporarily, you can find your way back in a matter of minutes.

As a result, you have so much more energy and passion available towards reaching your goals, and showing up as the amazing human that you are.

Anchor into the magic of your soul that makes it ALL possible with my signature private Healing Breathwork and Counsel sessions.  

Here are just a few benefits: 

  • Dissolve stress, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Release stuck energy and emotions
  • Reduce pain throughout the body
  • Improve focus, clarity and inner calm
  • Improve cognitive function  
  • Deepen sleep and reduce insomnia
  • Oxygenate and cleanse the blood
  • Improve vitality and overall health
  • And so much more...


Each session is customized to your precise needs, incorporating breathwork, shamanic energy healing, custom essential oils, and spiritual counseling as needed. You will receive exactly what you need at this time to move forward with strength and grace—on all levels of your being. 

I may also give you some “homework” and call forward one or more of your animal spirit guides or angels to support you in the days and weeks ahead.    

Once you learn this life-changing practice, you will be able to do it any time you need a boost or just a break from the everyday crazy of modern life.

Sessions are 75 minutes via phone, online via Zoom, or at a healing space in Los Angeles or Ojai. House calls in Los Angeles, Ojai and Santa Barbara areas—inquire for availability. 

Contact: satya {at}  |  323-540-4456

A portion of all proceeds is donated to a group of not-for-profit organizations working to protect wild animals and their habitats.

**Gift Certificates: To gift a session just add the name and email of the recipient at checkout and I will contact them personally to notify them and arrange for scheduling.** 

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