Sacred Heart :: Sacred Flow - Virtual Healing Group

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Register here for the first session of the Sacred Breath workshop series à la carte.

Sunday, March 26th at 1-3pm Pacific Time — Sacred Heart :: Sacred Flow  

SOUL CLEANSE. Right now is a very important time on so many levels. What are you ready to let go of? When you cleanse your heart and soul, you make space to embody your true essence and soul power — this is the real foundation for everything good to build on! We'll be working with the energies of New Moon and Spring, and calling in the Universal Life Force to help keep us moving forward with clarity, strength and magic. We will look at how to work with these energies in such a way that your huge heart and empathic tendencies can start working more for you instead of against you. Release the old and call in the true you.  

Helpers: Sacred Heart/Water/Spirit, Archangel Gabriel, the Water Elementals and Whale Spirit Medicine. 


Space is limited so please purchase your tickets in advance! All registered guests will receive an audio recording of the session and playlist. You will also receive a downloadable guide for each workshop with optional assignments to continue deepening your own practice. 

Contact: satya (at) | 323-540-4456