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The Sacred Wild: Ojai Healing Group

The Sacred Wild: Ojai Healing Group

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This is an invite for our friends and soul family. Come solo or bring a close friend or partner to share in this experience with you, we trust your highest judgment!

In the Ojai valley is an extraordinary place that few know of—a hidden nature preserve with its own unique microclimate and landscape spreading over 250 acres. This sacred land has been calling to be worked with at a deeper level. A few of us have been feeling the call for some time, and a few weeks back we finally ventured for a visit to feel into what is possible. What we found is a place where heaven and earth seem to merge as one, awakening our hearts with delight and calling forth some of the big questions:

What are we doing to make a difference with this one precious life? How can we help bridge the divide that threatens the future of humanity and our planet? How to honor and make amends with the land and those who came before?

Now we have received permission to move forward, and the time has come: On a mesa overlooking the land and sacred valley, a Medicine Wheel rests awaiting ceremony. On that cosmic launchpad we will gather to bridge the gap between the earth and heavens, human and divine. Where modern society and the patriarchy is driven by discord and The Disconnect—from ourselves and each other—we are coming together in unity to heal the divide. We will breathe the Sacred Breath, make offerings, root down into Mother Earth and up into our starry heritage, and close the loop of separation. And assuming all goes as planned we'll have some soul-nourishing fun and laughs too. :)  

About the practice      

The Breathwork practice is an ancient high technology for awakening the soul, healing, and releasing stuck emotions and energetic blocks. Done while laying down, this gentle two-stage Pranayama breathing meditation is easy to integrate into daily life with phenomenal effects on your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. The space I hold is safe and magical, backed by more than five years of healer training and a lifetime of spiritual practice (and a cherished team of angelic helpers!). Circling up with shared intentions magnifies the energy and experience—you will receive exactly what you need to up-level in your life and evolution. Ground and clear your energy, open your heart, dissolve stress, and restore balance to your body, mind and soul. 

After the circle we will break bread with a light potluck-style meal on the land. 

To come together in sacred circle and breathe our highest intentions into life is an ancient tradition. As we merge into the healed and awakened self, grounded into our true nature, we reclaim and embody our heritage as children of both the earth and heavens. We will be anchoring in the positive energies of the New Moon and Summer Solstice.   

The Sacred Wild: Ojai Healing Group

Date: Sunday June 25th 4:30-6:30pm, followed by a light meal.

Location: Ojai Nature Preserve (10 minutes out of Meiners Oaks). 

Co-hosts: Tara Saylor, Land Guardian and Emily Violet, Faerie Ambassador.

Bring a water bottle, yoga mat and/or blanket. More info and directions will be provided after registration. Please register in advance, space is limited.

Contact: satya (at) | 323-540-4456 

A portion of proceeds from this event will go towards the nature preserve and the Ojai Raptor Center.

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