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Soul Counsel & Mentoring Sessions

Soul Counsel & Mentoring Sessions

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 When you need a boost, or you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the options and energies on your path, Soul Counseling sessions provide a strong dose of insight, clarity, and magic…

  • Learn exactly what your soul is craving, and which steps will enable you to effectively reach your goals

  • Receive Light Healing to cleanse and strengthen your energetic field

  • Learn how to establish clear and strong boundaries daily

  • Identify and overcome energetic blocks or other obstacles that are holding you back   

  • Learn how to develop your intuition, sensitivity and other spiritual gifts to work with you, not against you

  • Get clarity on how to improve your family dynamics and intimate relationships

  • Develop a stronger relationship with your High Self Team, and learn how to call them in any time you need a boost of strength or support.

    Sessions include guided energy healing and usually some "homework" for supporting your daily health, life and work goals. All information is shared in strict confidence and keen discernment for your highest good.

    Length: 60 minutes via phone/Zoom video conference or in-person Los Angeles or Santa Barbara. MP3 Recording provided. House calls — inquire for availability. 


    "Gifting myself with a Sacred Reading from Satya has proven to be one of the wisest, most nurturing and satisfying decisions I’ve made in quite some time. Satya’s skills and gifts are a blessing and the reading proved both wonderful and beyond helpful. His guidance is clear and his connection extraordinary, and I love all the clear invitations to explore more deeply. It’s like the delicious experience of having a road unfold right in front of you. Satya is remarkable at both helping expand one’s perspective in overview and also honing in focus in truly practical we’re-here-to-live-our-lives ways. It’s brilliant!  I’m deeply grateful and whole-heartedly recommend his work." —Deborah Weber


    "I honestly have never met a stranger who saw me so clearly and easily. Time stopped and flowed simultaneously like it does when your baby is born into the world, or your grandfather dies holding your hand…. Years of therapy and many good talks with good friends could not open my eyes to the simple truths you gently placed on the table like a bowl of sliced mango.” —Heidi Howes 


    "I was really resisting a reading at first, because I thought, Why would I need that? I can just look up spirit animals on the web, or get a book myself. However, my experience when you pulled each card and intuitively visioned with the animals was profound. You had great insights into the deeper issues underlying my current situation, and I was really impressed — each vision you had was relating so closely to different aspects of my life!  What you shared with each vision was just what I needed to help me face the challenge and overcome the obstacle that was there. It’s been incredibly helpful — the whole process of leaving my land and following my dream with the healing work is related to the Blue Heron's energy you connected me with!! I've been like, Alright what do you want from me God?? I’m we go! Thank you so much Satya!! You have a real gift of insight."  —Alison Eakin
    "Satya’s readings are spot on every time. I can align what he is advising with each event that is going on in my life. And the kicker is that I don’t share this information with him or almost anyone. The counsel he provides with his readings has helped me step in to a higher version of myself, and it has been truly life-changing. I recommend working with Satya to anybody who needs clarity and supported action steps! He is the real deal and I trust him implicitly." —Tania Dakka 


    Contact: satya (at) / 323-540-4456 

    A portion of all proceeds is donated to a group of not-for-profit organizations working to protect wild animals and their habitats.

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