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The Soul-Fire Code
The Soul-Fire Code

The Soul-Fire Code

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A Program for the Magical Misfits, Rebels, Rainmakers, Dreamers, Movers and Shakers…

Distilled from more than a year of live testing and refining the Fire of Love process, this magical *un-course* is made for sharp, Spirit-driven creative rebels and entrepreneurs to help you tap into your Soul-Fire and successfully launch your epic work into the world.

Core Program

  1. The SOUL-FIRE CODE Masterclass Live Audio & How-to Introduction PDF (Value: $50)
  2. The SOUL-FIRE CODE Magical Mystery Guide (Value: $20)

Supplementary Worksheets and Recordings

  1. RETURN TO INNOCENCE Worksheet + Audio Companion Recording (Value: $25 - from the Galapagos Islands). Designed to help prepare you for the course ahead, prepare your environment, and get you to a place of open beginner's mindset.
  2. THE ART OF STRUCTURED FLOW & CREATING FROM YOUR CORE Worksheet + Audio Companion Recording (Value: $25 - from Buenos Aires). Learn the “Structured Flow” process for creative rebels and non-linear thinkers -- a system for accessing your spirit’s flow within a fluid container to help you track your progress and Actually launch your amazing projects more easily and effectively.
  3. My exclusive Soul-Fire Mapping Flowsheet (Value: $20 - This is designed specifically for super-creative people like us to help map out the work of our soul’s calling for the next 1-2 months to 2-3 years).

Special Guest Interviews + Companion Worksheets

Cigdem Kobu, consultant and advisor for creative, intuitive and heart-centered solopreneurs. 

  • Finding Your “Right Work,” Creating ease and flow through knowing your own strengths and weaknesses; Cultivating Energy, Strength and Mindfulness through getting comfortable with your unique personality style; Breaking through limitations (especially for introverts and Empaths; How to shift your approach to “networking” and “relationship building” by building deep connections with people you really resonate with.

Jennifer Louden, author, teacher, spokeswoman for finding your center in the craziness and extending that magic out into the world.

  • Bridging the Essence of Who You Are and the Manifestation of That (2 key practices); How to overcome doubts, resistance and obstacles with Jen’s powerful one sentence Self-Inquiry Secret Weapon!; How to get re-inspired about what inspires you, and find clarity on what you really want to make of all this magic inside!; Taming the Dragon of Product and Productivity; Staying Centered — even when we’re crazy busy, or things start to fall apart. 

T. Thorn Coyle, internationally respected teacher of the magical and esoteric arts.

  • Healing Through Integration, and Building a Better Relationship With Who We Really Are; 7 Powerful Energetic Practices for Defining Your Boundaries, Finding Your Center, Clearing Your Energy, and Breathing Into Strength; Activating Your Purpose and Your Superpowers; Embracing the Magic of the Sphinx: (To Know, to Will, to Dare, and to Be Silent).

Special prompts to inspire and support your process...

You will receive five personal inspirational prompts via email over the next 30 days to help you stay grounded and strengthened through the Soul-Fire process. 

Testimonials from participants

"Dear Satya, I loved your energy and passion in the masterclass! What I’m noticing these days and after the call is that I feel more energized and feel a stronger calling to share the love and my voice… to step up and make a difference… to get up in the morning and DO the work as you said… Thank you!” —Barbara Szorad, Life Coach and Psychotherapist,  Denmark

I was in that place where I felt smashed between anger and depression.  Life was not manifesting how I had planned it, and I screamed my displeasure to the Universe.... Within a week after the Soul-Fire Code workshop I found a job that is the perfect job for me at exactly this time.  Financial blocks in my life began to dissolve, as well as blocks in my interpersonal relationships.  The bitterness that was collecting inside immediately burned to ash and blew away in the winds of change.  Things in my life are still transforming with such speed and clarity that I know the fire that he helped me spark is still burning bright!" —Robin Witt, Clinical Mental Health Professional, Portland, Oregon


Full program details

Contact: satya (at) | 323-540-4456 

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