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THE HOLY PASSAGE: A Sacred Rebirthing Guided Meditation

THE HOLY PASSAGE: A Sacred Rebirthing Guided Meditation

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In modern life we have become programmed to fear death from both unhealed/unaddressed trauma and socio-political conditioning (aka "The Matrix"). This prevents us from accessing its true power and medicine for us in this lifetime. 

Through THE HOLY PASSAGE Sacred Rebirthing process you are adding in a Source Code Antibody into your system. 

This is essentially a reverse virus that latches on to the strains of the Matrix Viruses you are ready to let go of, and converts them back to their true Source Essence of Universal Love.

Then you are free to carry on with the work you are here to do in this life, with a healthy respect for death, as opposed to fearing it. Because you have been through a true spiritual death yourself, and experienced first-hand how powerful a healer it can truly be!

The rejuvenation and clarity is powerful, like waking up from a 1,000-year deep sleep.

"THE HOLY PASSAGE: A Sacred Rebirthing Rite" contains two recordings of 22 minutes each:

Track 1 is a Direct Transmission about the process of the practice, with preparation for your own journey of spiritual death and rebirth. 

Track 2 is a Guided Journey through the process that you will do while laying down, preferably before sleep in the dark at night. With an atmospheric soundtrack accompaniment by Moby, with several additional artists. The only thing you need to bring is a glass of water, and your pure intent.*   

It is recommended that this be done when the moon is within 10 days of New Moon, i.e. during waxing/waning Crescent, or the first/last Quarter phase. It is most powerful at the time of the (Dark) New Moon and the day before and after.  


THE HOLY PASSAGE is a Sacred Rebirthing Rite of Passage through the underworld of death to be reborn into your new life.

The underworld is a beautifully rich place! The shadow realms are where the lessons of life are composted into the rich soil from which new life is formed. 

There is no need to fear them.

The true hell is being stuck in limbo in your own life, because you have not been able to break through the bonds of the Matrix conditioning to choose your divine destiny.

Let go of the old and heavy burdens you have carried for so long, that your Spirit may enter and make you light enough to be carried forward on the divine currents of Universal Love.  

MUSIC CREDITS: (All music by permission of the Artist(s))

Main Audio accompaniment: "LA15" by Moby -

Introductory Piano: "Meditation Impromptu 02" by Kevin MacLeod -

River, row boat and water sound recordings via

Closing Piano: "November" by Benjamin Tissot - 


*In closing, you will hold the glass of water in your hand, and bless it with the intentions of your new life to receive and integrate all the energy of the angels and elements on your team. Drinking approximately half the glass, and then pouring the rest onto the Earth. This can be done immediately after, or the next day after sleeping.  

Instructions: You will receive both audio recordings in a Zip file to download immediately after purchase. Once these are unzipped on your computer I recommend you import them to your music library, and then sync to your smart phone or audio player. 


 - 333 -

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