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The Sacred Breath — A Virtual Healing Journey
The Sacred Breath — A Virtual Healing Journey
The Sacred Breath — A Virtual Healing Journey
The Sacred Breath — A Virtual Healing Journey
The Sacred Breath — A Virtual Healing Journey

The Sacred Breath — A Virtual Healing Journey

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In this 4-part virtual workshop series we are venturing into a full energy healing, soul cleanse and personal transformation journey to align with our true strength. We work with the Breath because it is the most effective medium to deliver us into a direct embodiment of who we really are. When that relationship is in balance we can experience a steady flow of the Universal Life Force sustaining and nourishing us. And with that opening, the infinite wonder and magic of Spirit flows through in exponential layers.    

Each workshop incorporates breathwork meditation, energy healing and intuitive discourse. We'll be working with the different elements and corresponding Elementals, along with specific Spirit Animals and Archangels. My hope is that you will open to a deeper relationship with your own Spirit Guides and Animals also, as I have found these to be the greatest comfort and support through my years on the path.

Our meeting space is hosted online with the best technology available so you can easily connect in from anywhere in the world through your computer, tablet, or phone. Sign up for the full 4-part series at a discounted rate, or attend each session individually as you wish.  

Session 1: Sunday, March 26th at 1pm Pacific — Sacred Heart :: Sacred Flow

SOUL CLEANSE. Right now is a very important time on so many levels. What are you ready to let go of? When you cleanse your heart and soul, you make space to embody your true essence and soul power — this is the real foundation for everything good to build on! We'll be working with the energies of New Moon and Spring, and calling in the Universal Life Force to help keep us moving forward with clarity, strength and magic. We will look at how to work with these energies in such a way that your huge heart and empathic tendencies can start working more for you instead of against you. Release the old and call in the true you.  

Helpers: Sacred Heart/Water/Spirit, Archangel Gabriel, the Water Elementals and Whale Spirit Medicine. 

Session 2: Sunday, April 16th at 1pm Pacific — Sacred Body :: Sacred Earth

What if we could love each other the way the earth loves us? Giving endlessly, turning manure into gold, transmuting all energy into new life with unconditional love. We are each a tiny microcosm of mother earth, with our fiery core and all the elements working together in unison, and yet we have so much to learn from her about truly living in alignment. In so many ways she is the perfect model for the fully integrated human. When we can really tend to our bodies and our selves as the sacred vessel we also begin to learn how to really love — the true generosity in allowing ourselves to be held, to give and to receive fully of the richness that we are. We'll be working with the energies of Mother Earth and Easter to help us find our ground in service to self and others.

Helpers: Sacred Body/Earth/Spirit, Archangel Uriel, the Earth Elementals and Buffalo Spirit Medicine.  

Session 3: Sunday, May 7th at 1pm Pacific — Sacred Spirit :: Sacred Fire 

Harnessing the passion, purpose and sacred power of who you really are. This is one of my favorites as many of you know I've been working with SOUL FIRE and the "Fire of Love" for many years. It's some hot and spicy energy! One of the challenges most artists, healers and creators have is learning to manage our energy to be more consistently productive in our lives and work. We all have layers of trauma and anger energy to deal with, and cultivating the flow of Love and Spirit within helps convert those fiery energies into a more productive and steady flow of passion-driven creativity. Lots of good energy and creative life force to work with here as we approach the full Mother's Moon of May with gratitude. It takes a conscious and active commitment to keep moving through and transmuting the shadow energies into light. We'll be illuminating everything to shine bright and shine on!!    

Helpers: Sacred Soul/Fire/Spirit, Archangel Michael, the Fire Elementals and Lion Spirit Medicine.  

Session 4: Sunday, May 28th at 1pm Pacific — Sacred Mind :: Sacred Breath  

Small mind thinking vs High Self being. How to stay rooted in your Soul Power so you can walk in beauty and spread love and light every day? Hint: it's in the breath! Everything is connected—from what you think of in the morning as you greet each day to how you react when someone honks or cuts you off on your way home at night. As we learn to work with our Spirit and call in deeper levels of being to play, the mind can also soften its hold on our lives. This is one of the greatest keys to happiness and ease — to be able choose our thoughts and realities instead of being victim to our circumstances and the energies around us. Through the practices of Sacred Breath your mind and body are soothed as oxygen and Spirit work together to cleanse and recharge your blood, your being, and all the internal organs.

Helpers: Sacred Air/Wind/Mind/Spirit, Archangel Metatron, the Air and Sky Elementals and Eagle Spirit Medicine.      


My approach:

The healing energy that moves through me is the power of Spirit that moves through us all. I'm not here to "fix" you or create a dependency on myself as a healer or teacher. I am here to teach you to heal yourself and stand in your own highest power. Every day. This is the only power I know that can truly change the world for the better.

The space I hold for your healing process is strong, safe and magical – unlike anything you may have experienced before. When we circle up together we amplify the power of our healing energy and intentions. Sacred space is invoked as white sage and other offerings are made in prayer. United in a circle of light while each in our own space, we are swept into the music and magic through the flow of Breath and Spirit. Be ready to give up your false stories and beliefs, and experience big shifts and synchronicities lining up in your life when you simply show up as you are. Each person will receive the opportunity to be heard and receive personal guidance and support in group. 

About Breathwork:

The pranayama breathing practice I teach is incredibly effective in releasing deep-rooted blocks and supporting the healing of your energetic, emotional and physical body. This gentle two-stage breathing meditation with ancient yoga roots can be used any time to ground and clear your energy, raise your vibration and restore symbiosis to your body and soul. Traditionally done while laying down, it's very simple to integrate into your daily practice. I have witnessed deeper healing and self-empowerment in myself and my clients through Breathwork than 20 years of prior spiritual practice and training with masters around the world. 


  • Release stuck energy and old beliefs that hold you back from living in your highest power and manifesting what you truly desire.
  • Learn how to harness the Universal Life Force for greater strength, vibrance and clarity in all your life and work.
  • Improve your overall health and energy levels — breathwork has been proven to help release toxins, lower blood pressure, reduce general aches and pains, strengthen the immune system, improve stamina and promote deeper sleep.
  • Release stress, anxiety, anger, sadness and self-doubt to make room for love, strength and confidence, and most importantly—your Spirit. 
  • Receive direct guidance on overcoming your own personal challenges around healing, energy blocks, personal empowerment and spiritual practice—whatever that might look like for you. 

All registered guests will receive an audio recording of the session and playlist. You will also receive a downloadable guide for each workshop with optional assignments to continue deepening your own practice.

Space is limited, so please purchase your tickets in advance. Times listed are Pacific (Los Angeles time) – see this site to convert to your timezone. All workshops run for two hours or less, beginning on time at 1pm PST and ending at 3pm PST. For those who wish to receive extra support through the program: choose the premium package from the dropdown menu to receive two private sessions at a special rate. 

Register for the series for the full experience – handouts and recordings will be provided if you are unable to attend all sessions – or sign up for individual circles as you wish! 

Contact: satya (at) satyacolombo.com | 323-540-4456 

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